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Zylitics Docs

Welcome to Zylitics documentation.

We're writing an easy and concise documentation to help you write great end to end tests without going too deep into the docs. We'll guide you through the best approaches to minimize the time it takes to get up to speed.


Zylitics allows you to write end to end tests using it's own programming language called ZWL. It has a built-in test runner and auto provisioned infrastructure capabilities. You need no other tool when you work with Zylitics in order to successfully write, run and manage e2e tests.

This documentation has following categories:

Quick StartGet started quickly by creating and running your first ZWL test. We'll give you a high level introduction to ZWL, Zylitics console, IDE and test runner.
Zylitics Test RunnerLean run configurations, capabilities, code management, managing and running tests from console, parallel runs, best practices and more.
Zylitics IDEUnderstand Zylitics IDE, it's various components and functionalities.
ZWLLearn ZWL language specification, overview of built-in language and e2e test functions, tutorials, guides, dry running, building resilient selectors, what to do and what to avoid, api reference and more.
Get HelpLearn how to get help.
FAQGet answers to frequently asked questions.